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Option # 3 “120 Day Grace Period ” CASp Inspection Survey (Offers legal benefits)

Legal benefit of a defendant shall not be liable for minimum statutory damages in a construction related accessibility claim if all conditions below have been met.

Available for business with 50 or fewer employees on average and in existence three years or fewer as evidenced by wage report filed with EDD.

A CASp Inspection must predate the filing of claim or receipt of demand letter.

Requires that all corrections identified in the CASp report be completed within 120 days of the inspection (can be extended to 180 days if evidenced by an active building permit for the violation correction.

A notice of Inspection shall be placed at conspicuous location of each public entrance at the time of inspection. 
A copy of the notice of inspection must be submitted by the CASp. To the Division of State Architecture (DSA)

The defendant must disclose the date and findings of any CASp inspection to plaintiff relevant to a claim or defense in an action.

CASp Certificate of inspection is issued.

It is advised a post-construction inspection be requested to verify all corrections were completed to “meet applicable standards”

Post Construction inspections are available at a discounted rate. Not included in the original contract proposals.

An additional $150.00 will apply to all 120 Day Grace Period surveys (for regulatory fees, certificates, and notices), and MUST be accepted and communicated to this office at least 24 hours prior to the inspection.

*Contact Certified ADA Consultants, Inc. to arrange for Option # 3 “120 Day Grace Period” CASp Inspection Survey (Offers legal benefits) Phone: 916-742-1934 or email: certifiedada@gmail.com

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Option #2 Inspection Survey created according to “CRASCA”* (Offers legal benefits)

Offers “Qualified Defendant” status for statutory damage minimum reductions.

Requires a commitment that corrections will be made within a reasonable timeframe, however in the event of a complaint, all violations listed have been corrected, or will be corrected within 60 days of the complaint being served, i.e., you, along with the CASp, have determined it will take a year to correct all of the non-compliant items on the CASp Report. Six months into working your schedule you receive a complaint. You must now make sure all of the violations listed in the complaint are corrected within 60 days to receive reduction benefits.

Requires a Schedule of Completion to be filled out and returned to CADAC preferably within 10 days of receiving the CASp report; Excel spreadsheet, as an example, will be included with CASp report

Certificate of Inspection to be provided upon the approval of the Schedule of Completion.

It is advised a post-construction inspection be requested to verify all corrections were completed to “meet applicable standards”

Post Construction inspections are available at a discounted rate. Not included in the original contract proposals.

CASp Inspection Options


Option #1 Standard CASp Inspection Survey

Ideal for Voluntary Barrier Removal, required by federal law for facilities built prior to 1992 without modifications to remove barriers as it becomes “Readily Achievable.”

Ideal for pre-purchase of commercial property, informs buyer of the accessibility deficiencies.

Pre-lease/renewal disclosure, required by law to disclose in all lease agreements whether a site/tenant space has been CASp inspected or not and if so did it pass or fail.

Pre-construction, Future renovation; A minimum of 20% of construction cost for renovation or remodel must be applied to accessibility improvements. Important for budgeting porpoises and often required prior to issuance of building permits.

Ideal for preparing a voluntary barrier removal schedule for reaching a goal of “meeting applicable standards” in the event you are unable to commit to either CRASCA or 120 Day Grace Period.​

Ideal when a complaint has already been received to be afforded a reduction in statutory damages when meeting the following conditions: A small business employs 25 or fewer employees on average over the past three years, or for the years it has been in existence if less than three years, as evidenced by wage report forms filed with the EDD, and has gross receipts of less than $3,500,000.00 over the previous three years, as evidenced by federal or state income tax returns, and has or will make corrections to the items listed in the complaint within 30 days of being served.

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